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The preroll creme de menthe ,The cross on this is between an unknown strain and Kush Mints gives you a beautifully creamy. Yeasty punch on the inhale and a pure Kush Mint on the exhale. This one is an absolute favorite strain right now with our cultivation Aliens because of the full blown cerebral face melt high it gives you.

Tastes and smells like you put gas in your bowl of fruity pebbles instead of milk. Fruity berry sweetness, with pleasant creaminess and gassy funk that lingers in the room.

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Buy Preroll Creme De Menthe Online.

Kryptochronic | Pre-Roll | Hybrid | (Fruity Pebbles OG x Alien Cookies) x Jet Fuel Gelato | 1g | Kryptochronic is a vibrant lime green with purple undertones and bright orange pistils. Tastes and smells like you put gas in your bowl of fruity pebbles instead of milk.


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