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To Buy premium indoor area 41 Online, Cannabis consumers praise the legendary Area 41 flower that Alien Labs cultivates. If you’ve heard of Alien Labs, you know that their smaller craft batches and unique strain combinations are regarded as “otherworldly,” no pun intended. Consequently, Area 41 by Alien Labs is no exception to the hype. This strain is a hybrid made by crossing Lemon Fuel OG and Gelato 41. Those who have smoked Area 41 report delicious fuel flavors that may produce a well-rounded euphoric, body-high.

Area 41 Strain by Alien Labs
As mentioned, Area 41 is made by crossing Gelato #41 and Lemon Fuel OG. Respect My Region has covered the Gelato strain in-depth here. Typically, most of the Gelato strains produce higher than average THC levels, ranging anywhere from 24 to 30%. Respectively, Gelato #41 is well known by consumers for its potentially relaxing, potent effects.


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Buy Premium Indoor Area 41 Online

Area 41 is a Hybrid combining two classics, Lemon OG X Chemdawg, and this strain is a limited edition batch. Area 41 is a Hybrid that has a good mix of both cerebral and body effects, and the taste is sweet lemon, citrus, fruits, and wood. Users report using this strain to help treat depression, nausea, chronic pain, chronic stress, and appetite loss. Area 41 is recommended for any time use! 3.5g.



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