Cyber Kanju Crew Socks

Where to buy cyber kanju crew socks online.

To buy cyber kanju crew socks online, You need to know the  three of the most common sock materials are Cotton, Merino Wool and Polyester. But which ones are best for your feet? But Alien Hoodies use One of the most expensive materials for clothing, cotton offers breathability, durability and comfort.

The products we sale here is test for quality and again the products we sale is in $US. Thus , . Additionally these product is bought at Alien wears and it is Securely ship world wide for our clients. Truly products here has good quality and produce the require result you expect from the products . Currently product in shop is just samples .Moreover we have many brands which we can not display .Contact our customer service for more details or request any brand you need and we will satisfy you .

Cyber Kanju Crew Socks

  • custom knit socks
  • universal fit
  • 85% cotton / 15% lycra


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