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Dispose Of Your Problems With This Disposable Vape

Alien Labs came up aces with a tailor-made vape for those seeking solace from the rat race.

IN REVIEW: This live resin disposable vape from AlienLabs offers 70% THC and the type of portable and potent experience you’ll come to love. The pulls are smooth, and the effects will hit quickly and leave you in a balanced state full of both relaxation and creativity. With the added benefit of helping you boost your mood and get yourself out of a funk, this little gem will quickly become a go-to in your rotation for regular use both day and night.

The Sherbacio Live Resin Disposable by Alien Labs is the sort of relaxing vape experience I was hoping for. Their half gram disposable vape pen helped me unwind with an even-keeled mood boost. Having had a long day at work dealing with countless bureaucracies, I was particularly wound up and my spirits seemed unliftable. That’s the thing about quality live resin however, it can perform great feats of strength when you need it most. This 70% THC all-in-one vape fit the bill nicely.

“This Sherbacio disposable had me all about that board game life.”

The flavor is well balanced, with sweet and savory hints hitting you in every pull. It made for a supremely smooth-hitting experience, and I never got the sense of grogginess I sometimes do after repeat vaping. I was originally going to reach for a glass of wine in my attempts to relax myself, but I found this high a worthy, if not preferable, alternative to that of a brief wine buzz.

Sherbacio is the love child between Sunset Sherbert and Gelato #41, two of my favorite strains. It borrows traits from both, and instills the user with a sense of calm and creativity that’s well suited for both day and night. In these times of copious indoor living, this is a nice choice to fortify yourself during Netflix binges, passion projects, or maybe even the odd board game. For my wife and I, and the nice Indian girl who is renting a room from us, we chose to go the way of the board game. Not just any board game mind you, but for my money, the Rolls Royce of Parkers Brothers Games. Clue.

Being that Sithara, our kindhearted renter, had only been in the states for several years to attend college, she hadn’t grown up witness to the unyielding ways of one Colonel Mustard, or the beguiling double-dealings of the recently widowed Miss Peacock. As such, I had to teach her the rules and regulations of this classic board game in such a way that she found it worth her while to join in on the mansion intrigue, and help us figure out why it is that Colonel Mustard always seems to be getting whacked with the candlestick inside the conservatory. This Sherbacio disposable had me all about that board game life.

She caught on quick enough to win a game of her own. Something I didn’t see coming. I naturally chalked it up to my teaching abilities rather than a fatal underestimation of what Professor Plumb could be capable of in that beloved library of his. It felt good to impart the wisdom of Clue on the next generation, and possibly give rise to a new legion of gumshoe detectives. Truth be told, I’d gotten exceptionally high and could not remember the last time I’d been so emotionally invested in a board game. Had I been someone who comes prepared, I’d have requested we all be dressed in character, but that’s perhaps an example of pushing for too much too soon. If there is anything that vaping good chronic has taught me, it’s that patience is a virtue.

“The vape pen opened me up to new possibilities and old joys without any anxiety or inner dialogue.”

Something about this all-in-one vape disposable really had me committed to a night of fun at home. The fireplace was stoked, the hot chocolate was being made and someone (not mentioning any names, but she speaks fluent Tamil and hails from Southern India) had even made the daring first move of playing Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” before we’d even purchased a Thanksgiving turkey. I liked where the night was headed because like all great nights, barriers were being broken.

The Sherbacio vape pen opened me up to new possibilities and old joys without any of the anxiety or inner dialogue that may come with killing an entire half gram disposable. It gives you the space to feel a little looser, and if everything is going right, a little younger too. At any rate, it had taken me away from the headspace of stress that I’d been under for the earlier portion of the day. While it’s a soothing ride that can ultimately prove useful as a sleep aid, I found it best for unwinding with a game or pursuing your hobby before the grind inevitably starts back up again. 

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